I had known about this for a while and I knew I was going to write a post about it, as Julia Child is one of my culinary heroes, plus she was just an intriguing person to boot. I swore that I had written about her before, for this blog, but then I remembered that I had done a post on my previous blog for a short-lived group called Cookbook Lovers UniteMy first post for the group was about the first cookbook I ever loved (a 1950s black and white basic cookbook I found at a book sale in 5th grade), but it was also about another of my young adult favorite cookbooks, Julia Child’s Baking with Julia, and includes a recipe that I’ve still yet to try. One of the reasons she is so famous and beloved is because of her idea that anyone can cook and they should have fun doing it. I read her biography, My Life in France, which was co-authored by her nephew and for an average-looking young woman from Massachusetts, she led a varied and fascinating life and helped to impact generations of chefs and common folk alike. Today’s Google Doodle is a tribute to her, as well as this article by Julie Powell, who penned the novel Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously, which was later turned into a movie (which I only really liked for Stanley Tucci as Paul Child and Meryl Streep as Julia Child), although I did love the book. I particularly liked this quote from Ms. Powell’s article, “Julia was her own brand of feminist, one who saw the kitchen not as a symbol of drudgery and female oppression but as a place of opportunity, no less potent than a boardroom, a place where women – and men – can exhibit rigor and individual power.” The Smithsonian, in 2001, asked for and got the entirety of Julia Child’s kitchen, which is now a permanent exhibit at the Museum of American History. As I have said in a previous post, I love public television and watched a lot of it growing up (same goes for public radio) and still do today. I grew up watching episodes of The French ChefBaking with Julia, and Cooking with Master Chefs. PBS has a whole page of cool Julia Child stuff in celebration of her 100th Birthday, including videos, quotes, factoids, a Pinterest board, recipes and more.