So today I have been grasping at straws, trying to think up something interesting to write on the blog. Usually I find something good to refer to on FB but not such luck today. Good news first: We got our taxes done finally! We were waiting for the last self-employment form from my husband’s previous job in South Carolina. Oh yeah, for those who didn’t know my hubby and I moved to Arizona cross-country from South Carolina when I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Liam, all 3000+ miles of fun. Actually it was an interesting trip, as I have never driven through northern Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma or New Mexico. I’ll skip going back to the first three but wouldn’t mind exploring New Mexico a bit more.

The other good news is that after getting frustrated with our current lack of money situation two days ago, my husband decided to go through about 8 boxes of random crap in the house, so we got rid of that many boxes yesterday. The shelves for the remaining bookshelf were finally put up today (the other two bookcases were surrendered to the pit of despair thanks to the movers), and I was able to put away a fair number of books. I still have about 3 or 4 boxes of books to sort through and put up, but this is definitely a good start. Yesterday we went through another four boxes of books, and still haven’t managed to completely fill one bookcase (which shows you how much I have gotten rid of), plus he finally cleared the boxes from the computer room and off the couch, as we plan on donating that piece of furniture.

While browsing Gail Carriger’s blog this afternoon, I found these links among her daily posts that I thought I’d share. I’ve never published anything myself, but I do occasionally write some poetry when I feel inspired. However, I thought this post on creating a title was especially useful as sometimes I end up changing my title what seems like a dozen times before I’m happy with it. She also had this link called Inside the Mind of an Octopus, which is really interesting, and written by one of my favorite children’s nonfiction writers (Sy Montgomery). I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been fascinated with cephalopods, i.e. squids and octopi.

The third thing I found while browsing blogs (This time it was a hilarious new blog I just started reading called The Blurred Line) as this article about how eating a small amount of chocolate can actually help your metabolism. I know this doesn’t mean that I can totally pig out on some Cadbury bars, but it is an interesting concept all the same. I especially liked the quote from Katherine Hepburn at the end of the piece.