I’ve set up this page for basic blog questions and problems that people have experienced while on this particular blog. I will no longer answer these questions in the comments section.

I know about the browser compatibility issues on here. The text sometimes runs off the screen in Internet Explorer 9 and Opera, though I’ve never had an issue in Google Chrome and I’ve heard there are no issues in Safari or on the I-Phone. Sometimes there are also issues with pictures not loading. I’m sorry for anyone having problems. There is really not much I can do on my end. I would just try to run it in a different browser. My blog platform is WordPress and my theme/design is called “Motion” by Sam @ 85ideas , which was one of the free themes on WordPress. And no,  don’t know if this theme is available outside of WordPress. I picked it because I liked the layout and color scheme. I know basic html but you don’t really need to know code to set up a blog on WordPress. If you need help with spam protection, I would recommend Akismet, as it has worked well for me (protected me from over 20,000 spam so far). I realize other people might want catchier titles for blog posts and I can respect their opinions. However, this is my blog and if they want a different title, make up their own blog. This is my blog and my content, unless otherwise cited. While I do take into account what I think people would be interested in, at the end of the day it is my decision what I put up here. Contact information is located under the Who is LibraryMom? section of the blog, and no I don’t write anywhere else. If you would like to write a guest post for this blog, please contact me via email, and send me an example of what you would like to write about. If you would like to share something I wrote feel free to, but I ask that you cite me and provide a link back to this blog.