Silverwood (Silverwood, Book 1) by Betsy Streeter

To be published: March 11, 2015


Fourteen-year-old Helen realizes that she is not normal. For one, she’s moved so many times since she was a baby she can’t keep track anymore. Secondly, she can hack literally anything and turn it into something useful. Also her mother is definitely lying about her real job and her little brother Henry can predict the future in drawings. Oh yeah, and there is her father who has been missing since she was four but they occasionally hear from with vague garbled phone calls. She is about to figure out the truth really quickly though, through a series of events out of her control. Her family, the Silverwoods have been protecting the earth forever from the Tromindox, a shape-shifting race of creatures that consume humans and subsist on their brain waves. Suddenly they are moving again, to the small town of Brokeneck, California and things are about to come to a head. Will the entire Silverwood clan be able to find each other and figure out just what the Tromindox are really planning? To find out, read the great first book of this series. Recommended for ages 13+,  4 stars.

The author has obviously had this story brewing for a long time, as evidence by her storyline comics on Slideshare and the collection of images on her Pinterest board. I was a little lost in the beginning of the book with all the jumping back and forth between characters (Helen, her father Gabriel, her mother Kate, the Chairman, and the Tromindox) and timelines (past and future), but eventually got the hang of it. In my head, the Tromindox reminded me of a rage demon from the video game Dragon Age, but that looked more inky black with tentacles. The author gave you tantilizing glimpses into the Silverwood family’s past without telling you the whole story, so you had to keep reading to find out. And the ending, wow it was good! Now I am very curious to read the second book in the series, which is supposed to come out next year.

Disclaimer: I received this advanced reader’s copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.