Great article about choice in reading, as it pertains to beginning readers. I agree with it and it applies to pre-readers as well. Let them chose books that they want to read and they are more likely to want to read.

Nerdy Book Club

Crystal was leaning against a pillow in our 1st grade classroom, reading a non-fiction book that was certainly far above her lexile.  As I sat down beside her, I noticed she was crying.  These tears were not sad; instead they were tears of relief and joy as she whispered, “I’m really reading!”  When I met Crystal at open house a few months before, she was crying for a different reason – because she couldn’t read.  That summer before we met and I moved to first grade, I had read Donalyn Miller’s The Book Whisperer and Debbie Miller’s Reading with Meaning.   I was confident that by creating an authentic reading environment and giving young readers a lot of choice, they would all learn to read.  As I wiped her tears that August day I said, “Don’t worry, sweet girl; you are a reader.”  As I handed her a Kleenex…

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