Waistcoats and Weaponry

Waistcoats & Weaponry: Finishing School – Book the Third by Gail Carriger

To be published: Nov 4, 2014


Sophronia and her friends are using all their spy skills in the real world in the third book of the Finishing School series. In this volume, Sidheag gets some distressing news at the end of the 2nd term of Finishing School and immediately must leave for home. Sophronia (with Bumbersnoot in tow of course) and Dimity have been invited to the engagement ball of Sophronia’s brother, and Dimity’s brother Pillover and Lord Felix Mersey have been invited as well. Sophronia is still trying to sort out her feelings for both the sootie Soap and Felix, and events in this book definitely make it harder for her to choose between them. She is also trying to decide if she would like the patronage of Lord Akeldama, who has already sent her several gifts, or another patron such as the Queen. Between plots with vampires and the Pickleman to stolen trains and surprise endings, this third book really packs a punch!

As soon as I saw this book was about to come out in November, I jumped on Netgalley to see if it was available. Thankfully it was and I was allowed to preview a copy. The author left the ending pretty open, but I was glad to know that she had planned one more book in the series before ending it. I loved the idea of a steel fan turned weapon and its use on the book cover. I also loved that this book is like a direct precursor to The Parasol Protectorate series of books. Recommended for ages 12+, 4-1/2 stars.

Disclaimer: I received this advanced reader’s copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.