Half a King

Half a King (Shattered Seas #1)  by Joe Abercrombie

Published July 15, 2014

Yarvi is the crippled 2nd son of the King of Gettland. He is training to be a minister to the King and is about to take his test, when his father and brother are killed, and he must take over the throne. He does so rather reluctantly, and also takes his brother’s bride. He leads a raid against the man who killed his father, only to be betrayed by his uncle, and is almost killed. He survives, but ends up as a rowing slave on a trading galley. Will he ever escape his bondage and get his revenge on his uncle and those that betrayed him?

I picked up this pseudo-Viking fantasy book after checking out YA author Rick Riordan’s blog and seeing how much he praised his previous adult books and this book, Abercrombie’s first attempt at YA, especially. I enjoyed this coming-of-age story once I finally got into it, though I almost gave up on it at first because it wasn’t hooking my interest. Frankly, after Yarvi becomes a slave, the story gets way more intriguing. The book reminded a little of a much tamer version of George R.R. Martin. As Drunken Dragon Reviews puts it:

“Through Yarvi’s development, we follow the story of a boy who not only has to develop into the person his peers need him to be, but he’s faced with questions and choices of responsibility, identity and character that he must make. All common issues a developing teenager encounters, and as a result will find themselves not only easily identifying with Yarvi, but finding thought provoked as a result.”

While I was not 100% a fan of this book, I would be interested in reading some of Abercrombie’s adult fantasy books. 3 stars.