So I just realized it’s been two weeks since I reblogged someone else’s post and even longer since I actually posted anything, so it is definitely time. I’m sorry but my personal life has been really crazy the last two weeks and I’m only now getting some free time to blog like I want to, although it is not any less up in the air.


One of my best friends over at Dewey Decimal’s Butler gave me the Leibster Award again. Here is the post from the first time I was nominated last year. Thank you very much! I must say that I appreciate it, although I’ve been less than diligent in keeping up with writing. I hope to correct that in future. Now I have a lot more ideas about what to write as I have had plenty of time to brainstorm, so should be a lot easier.

Here are the rules:

  • Share which blogger(s) nominated you.
  • Answer the ten questions they asked in their post.
    • Refers to following 3 points: I went through my list of bloggers I follow and all of them had over 200 followers, most were closer to 1000 people following. However, I enjoy answering questionnaires, so I have answered her questions.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing who have less than two hundred followers each.
  • Ask eleven questions for your nominees to answer.
  • Contact your nominees!

Here are the questions, she wants me to answer as part of the award.

1. Hamlet – was he really insane or just faking it? I would say (though let it be known that I’ve not read this play since high school, though it was one of my favorites), that he was probably faking most of it. I think he was probably more frustrated and angry more than anything else. I mean his mother marries his uncle a month after his father the king dies, though that sort of thing would have been the norm for royalty, to guarantee the safety and stability of the realm. I feel sorry for poor Ophelia as she does actually go insane after being mistreated by Hamlet, as he is a supreme douchebag in his quest to get revenge on Claudius for killing his father. His mother even lies for him to her new husband, saying the reason he killed Polonius is because he’s mad, even though he thinks she’s a whore for marrying his uncle. Then there’s the whole to be or not to be speech where Hamlet talks about how insignificant and fleeting life is and how we have no control over it. I don’t think that’s madness talking, just philosophizing over a common fate. Unfortunately Hamlet’s attempts at revenge only succeed in getting him and everyone around him killed.

2. Cats or dogs?  Defend. Dogs definitely. I used to be a cat person, but they are too fickle and alliance-changing. I love their independence though. I’ve become a dog person since I got married. Ok yes, they do have some disgusting habits like eating poo, but they are excited when you come home no matter how your day has been (even better when you’ve had a tough day), are great snuggly nap partners, and genuinely love you unconditionally.

3. Why are you drawn to certain authors? I would say because of the kind of book they write. I tend to be drawn to primarily British writers who are witty and great storytellers, like Brian Jacques, Neil Gaiman and Philip Reeve. I read a lot of children and YA books because I’m trying to keep up with what comes out and because I enjoy reading them, and am particularly drawn to writers who don’t dumb books down for kids. That will tell a great story even if it does get a little complicated at times, when dealing with difficult or interesting subjects. Great examples of writers like this Rick Riordan, Jonathan Stroud, Gail Carriger (her Finishing School series), John Flanagan, L.A. Meyer, and Eoin Colfer.

4. What was your last guilty-pleasure read? Lol, probably The Ghost in the Graveyard (Knight Games #1)a freebie romance/erotica/fantasy e-book I got on Amazon. It was equally bad and entertaining at the same time.

5. Have you ever found a movie that exceeded the book upon which it was based? Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH is like that for me (saw the animated movie version called The Secret of NIMH first), as every time I’ve tried to read the book, I get bored and quit after a few pages. I’m hoping the audiobook will be better, as I need to read it for my Newbery Challenge. Aside from that, I would say the miniseries version of The Thornbirds was better, as was Franco Zefferelli’s version of Romeo and Juliet and Kenneth Branagh’s or Joss Whedon’s version of Much Ado About Nothing. I would also have to add Miyazaki’s version of Howl’s Moving Castle. I saw the movie first, which got me into the book, which I enjoyed but liked the movie much better.

6. On that note, are you as angry about the upcoming The Giver trailer as I am? Honestly I’m not sure. I read the book but can’t remember much of it, but I’m sure they’ll probably do a hash job out of it like most great books (though I didn’t like it as much as other people, only gave it 3 out of 5 stars).

7. If you could take one author out to dinner to thank him/her for writing, who would it be?  (Life status is a non-issue for this question.) Probably JRR Tolkein because I love his books and would love to pick his brain about The Silmarillion and ask him to explain it to me. I’ve tried to read it several times but cannot get through it, even though the subject matter is interesting.

8. What is your opinion on sports?  I like to watch college-level American football on TV occasionally, but hate pro (it’s too boring). Most sports I could do without like golf, basketball, and tennis. The only sport I can actually tolerate watching is real Football (soccer) on TV, though it is better in person. I would love to be able to go to a footie game in Liverpool with my husband, as I know it is one of his dreams.

9. Will there ever be such a thing as world peace? I think it’s possible, but getting everyone to agree to it is quite another thing. Most people and governments are too wrapped up in their own issues to really consider it, as it wouldn’t be good for the economy, or so they keep telling us.

10. Favorite music, what is it and why? Hmm, I guess I would say salsa because it is fun to listen and makes you wanna jump up and dance no matter where you are. I started listening to it in college after I was dating a Guatemalan guy who took me to a latin dance club for our first date (I couldn’t dance it back then). He started my love for it and I started listening to Celia Cruz and later Tito Puente, as he mixes salsa with funk and that’s even more fun to listen to.

11. When was the last time you put your foot in your mouth (figuratively speaking)? Honestly I don’t remember, but most likely it was probably during an argument with my husband.