My son went through a phase where he absolutely loved “Goodnight Moon,” so I can definitely identify with this. It is a very neat perspective and a great paper as well.

Nerdy Book Club

Hello, Nerdy Book Club. I am going to keep my wrap-around comments brief on this post so that I can share with you one of the personal narratives that came in earlier in the school year from a student who took in the assignment, processed what the assignment was asking, and then approached the teacher’s desk at the end of the block.

“I know what we are supposed to write, but I am wondering if I can try something different. Would it be okay if I tried something different?”

Here is that “different” personal narrative. . .

“Whisper My Story” by Sarah Shelton

Personal Narrative for AP English Language and Composition 2013-2014

All at once, the suppressive darkness that was my life disappeared with a single, quick jerk. The sudden light was a shock, and I had no idea how to respond. Slowly, blurry outlines replaced the stark white world…

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