The Summer I Found You

The Summer I Found You by Jolene Perry

Released March 1, 2014

After reading my last ARC, I needed something way less dense and historical. Plus I hadn’t read a YA Romance in awhile, so it seem like a good fit. I liked this book because it wasn’t afraid to tackle difficult issues. I enjoyed the relationship between the two main characters because it was awkward and messed up, and this made it seem more realistic.

 Kate’s life is feeling very chaotic. Her perfect boyfriend has just dumped her, and she is devastated. Plus she recently learned that she has Type 1 Diabetes and is total denial. Aiden is a nineteen year old veteran of Afghanistan, who recently lost his arm in an explosion that also killed his commanding officer. In one fail swoop, he has lost a good friend and his career. He is living with his cousin’s family while he gets his life on track. Jen, his cousin, is best friends with Kate, and she is trying to cheer up her friend. She invites Aiden to join them at a party to make the numbers even. Despite his not wanting to go and hang out with high schoolers, he does find that he likes hanging out with Kate. Will this be a welcome distraction for both of them? Will they manage to get their lives on track again? To find out, check out this delightful book. Recommended for ages 16+, 4 stars.

Disclaimer: I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.