I really liked this post, from the point of view of a mom and a librarian. My favorite part and some really good advice that the author says later in the post is just:
“Let them read. Say yes to books that are too hard for them, within limits. Allow them to grow their passion for whatever it is they are passionate about…Let them be curious. Let them talk about all sorts of books.”

Nerdy Book Club

Today, as I dropped my first grader, Ethan, off at school I said, “I’ll be around all day if you need me!” He responded by saying, completely seriously, “Well, then don’t bother leaving because I’ll need you.  We have Reader’s Workshop in a few minutes and I don’t like it.”

I’ve been thinking all day about what Ethan said, and I’m still trying to figure out what to make of it, and just how much of this problem I have the power to fix.

I know what went wrong.  I can trace it to the day.  It was a day in September and Ethan was in a Greek Mythology phase at home.  He asked me if he could bring his big yellow Greek Mythology book into school with him.  Yes, it was a hard book for him.  But he would sit for hours at home and work through it, one…

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