DOCTOR WHOChristopher Eccleston as Doctor Who with Billie Piper as Rose, his Companion

I am a huge Doctor Who fan. It has been on for 50 years, from 1963 – 2013. Ok, yes I was late to the series, having only started watching it in 2005 when they redid the series, but I still consider myself a true fan. I hope to one day be able to watch the series from the beginning, though I think it might be a little like early Star Trek episodes, aka so corny and bad, they are hard to watch. If you have never watched the show, I recommend checking out this article that was posted for the 50th year celebration. It is meant to be corny and a bit low-budget, so don’t let that turn you off. It has a really great story and some creepy villains.

Season 1 Doctor Who commentTaken from “The Empty Child” episode 9, Season 1

I stopped watching it during Season 7. The BBC since finished Season 7 and about to start Season 8 now that they’ve announced the newest Doctor, Peter Capaldi who will start on the Christmas Special 2013. Although I personally liked Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor for Seasons 5-7, my hubby (who always watched it with me) did not and him plus Rory (one of the main characters of the show and a secondary Companion) equaled a boring time in my hubby’s eyes. So I stopped watching it. That is, until we discovered the first seven seasons of the show are on Netflix. We’ve started watching them again and I must say that although David Tennant will probably always be my favorite Doctor, Christopher Eccleston is really quite good and I’m sad that he only stayed on the show for a year. Yes, he is not the most attractive Doctor, but if you look back on the early Doctors, they weren’t either. Eccleston’s Doctor seem more expressive, pained, and conscientious of his actions (really more human which is ironic as he’s a 900 year old alien). He fights liking Rose from the beginning and pretends to be disinterested, but despite his best intentions, by the end of the 1st Season you can see how much love they share for each other. Plus he’s a bit of a cheeky bugger and that makes me like him even more. The show was just better when Russell T. Davies was still writing for the show, as he did from 2005-2010. Plus the first season is when we are introduced to Capt. Jack Harkness (played by the wonderfully campy John Barrowman), who later has a spin-off show in Torchwood, which is also a great show to watch. He is my favorite non-Doctor character on the show.