So I usually try to stay away from commenting on pop music’s latest thing, mostly because I tend to stay away from it. But I do get some exposure from Glee, which I love watching (again, if you read my posts you will know I love musical theater so this should come as no surprise). Anyways, I was catching up on the last couple episodes of Glee and the current one I’m watching (Season 5, Episode 5) is called The End of Twerk. The first major song they did was Robin Thicke’s uber-controversial song Blurred Lines, which even if you don’t listen to popular music you’ve probably heard of or at least had an inkling about because of the raunchy performance he did with Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s. Yes, it is a super sex charged song but frankly I thought it was pretty catchy (would much rather have Matthew Morrison performing it than Robin Thicke). So while trying to figure out what the song was really about, I stumbled across this other song by British pop singer Lily Allen. I had heard of her before, just realized she wrote another Glee-sung song SmileI realize that she is making fun of the music industry and the lengths women have to go through to be successful but it was so in your face about it, I couldn’t quite decide if she was being really sarcastic or what. I’m still not sure if repeatedly using b**** is empowering or just offensive. Here are her comments, and here are her inspirations.  I will give up a warning though, the video is explicit and definitely not something you want to watch with children around. I would really like to know what other people think about the video or of Robin Thicke’s song, so please leave some comments below.