Singing in the Rain

I am a classic movie fan, have been ever since I was little. I grew up watching Hollywood musicals of the 1930s-60s, which branched out into many different kinds of pre-1970s films over the years. I took a couple film history classes in college and just like to watch classic movies whenever I am able (having only a couple in my personal movie collection and no cable does limit this). Nine days ago, I posted on my favorite Hollywood costume designer, Edith Head. Now my hubby and I have been watching this series on Netflix called Hollywood Treasures, which is about an auction company in Los Angeles that specializes in selling Hollywood/TV/pop culture artifacts. They have sold some really cool stuff and we’ve got to see people with some really cool collections. Anyways, a couple of days ago we were watching an episode where the classic screen actress Debbie Reynolds had called them up and asked them to help her sell her collection. For those who have no idea who I am talking about, she has starred in such classic films as Singing in the Rain, Tammy and the Bachelor, and The Unsinkable Molly Brown (for which she was nominated for an Oscar). She is more famously known as “Princess Leia’s mom”. She was going to create a Hollywood Museum with her artifacts, but ran out of money to fund it, so she has decided to sell the individual pieces instead. It contains a lot of really famous and lesser-known costumes, props, cameras, collectibles, books and posters. On Hollywood Treasures, they showed that she owned the most famous dress Marilyn Monroe wore in The Seven Year Itch. I thought it was sad that the collection didn’t become a museum as it had some really nice pieces in it that needed to be preserved.


So today, I was browsing through music concerts in the Phoenix area for the next 5 months and saw that Debbie Reynolds was going to be doing a performance nearby and was wondering what it was on. When found the venue and clicked on her name, it took me to her Hollywood collection shop, so I started browsing through the different section to see what she was selling, as I was curious from when I had watched the show. If only I had a spare $5-45,000 to spend on this stuff! Lol, sadly most of the stuff was out of my price range. But it was nice to look. Here were some of my favorites:

The other sad thing is that Debbie Reynolds’s collection would’ve been great if it had opened, as there really isn’t a large number of Hollywood-themed museums. There is The Hollywood Museum in Hollywood, at the site of the old Max Factor Building, where the makeup giant did up the stars. I totally want to check this one out whenever I finally get to visit Los Angeles. Aside from this place and the museums that the big name studios still in Hollywood have (Paramount, Universal, Fox etc) and a few celebrity museums scattered around the country, there aren’t a lot dedicated to film costumes. This is why I am so excited that this Hollywood Costumes exhibit is coming to Phoenix March – July 2014! The exhibit was originally created by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and is only showing in Phoenix on the West Coast and Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond on the East Coast. So if you can make it to either of these places to see it, I recommend it!