I promise that I am working on an actual written-by-me blog post, but in the meantime I found this post which I wanted to share as it reminds me of myself.

Nerdy Book Club

“Oh man, we got that crazy book lady.” This was one of the first statements I heard as my new crew of 5th graders made their way into my hive. Ha! I love that I’m known as the crazy book lady because…well…it is so true! I’m that person that sits in a drive thru and is so busy reading a book people have to honk at me to move forward. (On a side note, I no longer do this at red lights) I have had an insatiable appetite for reading since I finally learned how to read. It took me a bit longer than most, but oh…when it happened, I never stopped. Thankfully my parents understood my need and always encouraged me. That’s what all young readers need, encouragement, and access to books without an assignment looming about the book they read. Nothing kills a good read more than a…

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