Since one of my best friends gave me this award. I decided to reply to it, for her benefit. Thank you for nominating me, Dewey Decimal’s Butler! Please check out her blog because it is really good and she is just starting out. There were some interesting questions for the nominees to answer, which gave me an excuse to pause for a few minutes.

1. What made you decide to blog in the first place?

                I was in grad school when I started my first blog, and I started it because I wanted an outlet for my creativity that I wasn’t being graded on. Plus I enjoyed writing for fun.

2. Where would you live other than where you are currently living if you could?

                Scotland, probably somewhere near Edinburgh

3. What kind of super power would you like to have and why?

                Instant translation (kind of like a Babel Fish), so I can figure out what people are saying in other languages. I work with a lot of internationals in my volunteer work and it would be nice to help them out more easily if I had this gift. Plus it would just be awesome if I ever went traveling internationally, especially if I could speak back in whatever language they were speaking.

4. What do you think about schools not teaching cursive anymore?

            I think I had heard that before now. I get that the reason they are tapering off it is because of the use of computers and other electronics as primary writing devices. I had to look up this article on it as I was curious why. I personally thought it was bloody annoying when I was in school because mine never looked like it was supposed to. Now my printed script is a mix of print and cursive. I would frankly rather type than write cursive as my hands always cramp up when I have to write a lot now.

5. Kindles – yes or no, why?

            Yes and no. I like them because it allows me to review numerous books quickly for Netgalley and keep them all in one centralized location. I have a generation 2 Kindle, so it is a pretty basic model. But I prefer a hard copy, as too much staring at a screen kills my eyes.

6. What character would you like to see step on a Lego?

            Normally I would not wish that on anyone because it freaking hurts, but maybe Circe from Game of Thrones because she is such a nasty piece of work.

7. Texting – do you use correct grammar or not? Defend.

            For the most part yes, depends on how much of a rush I’m in.

8. Which Middle Earth race do you most readily identify with?

            Tricky question. I usually try to act like an elf (as far as the mostly refined and  scholarly attitude goes), relax/eat like a hobbit and party like a dwarf. This makes more sense if you’ve either read Tolkein or played LOTR online.

9. Does it bother you that I ended #8 with a preposition? Explain.

            It probably should, says the grammar nazi part of me, but the realistic side says no because I frequently end my sentences in real life or in the blogosphere with one.

10. Breastfeeding in public, what are your thoughts?

            I’m for women having the choice to do it, provided they have one of those covers. I don’t need to see anyone else’s boobs but when you have a screaming infant who is hungry right now, being able to feed him/her on the spot instead of having fiddle with the damn powder and bottles is way easier.