The Cute Girl Network by MK Reed and Greg Means, illustrations by Joe Flood


I received this ebook as a ARC from Netgalley and the publishers First Second, which did not affect how I reviewed this book. I had read a couple of their books before and knew they produced quality material, especially graphic novels. Plus the subject matter was interesting. It was a quick cute read which I rather enjoyed.

Jane the skater girl is new in town and falls off her skateboard right in front of the Soup Cart, run by Jack. He is immediately attracted to her but too shy to ask her out at first, but works up the courage to do so. She thinks he is odd and clumsy, but they get along. After going on a few dates with him, the Cute Girl Network intervenes. They are a group of ladies who all live in the same city as Jane and share information on all the men they have dated in the city, so girls can make informed decisions about who they are dating. The more negative stuff Jane hears about Jack, the more confused she gets. She knows that he maybe the biggest idiot out there, but she finds it endearing and is happy that she doesn’t have to deal with another jackass, like the guys she normally dates. Jack is genuinely into her and though he is a noob, he really wants to be with her. So Jane decides that despite her friends’ warnings, she wants to be happy and that is being with Jack. I liked how they acted together and how the story was about normal everyday folks. I loved the illustrations! 3 1/2 stars.