Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant by Tony Cliff

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

I read the ARC e-book version from Netgalley. It did not affect my reviewing of the material. Sadly my Kindle is a black and white version so in order to read this awesome graphic novel, I had to read it a bit at a time on my computer. Luckily it was very worth the wait. As other reviewers have said, it is nice to see a kick ass three-dimensional female main character without making the novel overly full of gore and T&A. I only hope there are more adventures with Delilah and Selim as the author/illustrator definitely left the story open-ended.

Selim is a Turkish Lieutenant and tea lover who works for the Sultan. He is asked to report on the preposterous claims of a captured woman named Delilah Dirk. Or so Selim thinks, until everything she has been saying starts to become reality. Delilah is a half Greek/half English girl who has traveled the world and trained in the warriors ways, and is not the timid girl the Sultan believes her to be. She proves this when she escapes single-handedly from his prison and ends up involving Selim in her escape. At first, he is a bit horrified by her but ends up valuing her life skills, as they both end up on the lam. Her main object in the graphic novel is do take revenge on a pirate captain who has been stealing shipments from a family friend of hers. Will she be able to take her revenge and escape with her and Selim’s lives? To find out read this exciting and well-done graphic novel. Recommended for ages 12+, 4 stars.

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