Disenchanted & Co., Part 1: Her Ladyship’s Curse by Lynn Viehl

I love steampunk books, so when I saw this in the Teen/Young Adult section, I had to give it a try. I will say that I don’t agree with their classification. I think a lot of people try to put all steampunk as a teen-only genre, and I heartily disagree with that.  I love that she got help from one of my favorite steampunk writers, Gail Carriger, while writing it. One of the first things I will say about this book is the author has superb world-building skills. The book is set in an alternate history version of the US, called Toriana or more appropriately “The Provincial Union of Victoriana,” and set in the middle to late 19th century in Rumsen, basically the equivalent of San Francisco in our world. In this history, the US has lost the Revolutionary War and are still British subjects. The author has gone so far as to create a whole dictionary in the back of the book to interpret words used in the book, a mixture of English slang and made-up terminology. Most of the stuff I could figure out living in Scotland and having an English spouse. In addition to the alternate history, add various kinds of mages and magic users and steam-powered carriages and mechs. It makes for one very interesting world. Then of course we have our main character Charmian Kittredge, Kit for short, who makes a living debunking magic frauds. That’s where the story opens up, on Kit getting another client, this one a nob from up on the Hill (where the most wealthy in Rumsen live). Lady Walsh is convinced that someone has cursed her and wants Kit to investigate, but when she does she gets dragged into a lot more than she wanted. For one, she has to deal with the slimy Lord Dredmore, a death mage who does not take kindly to her intrusion onto the Hill. She ends up meeting a ghost, which causes her to find out about her own family history. Will Kit be able to unmask the truth behind Lady Walsh’s curse? Will she finally figure out who her family is? To find it, read Part 1 of this exciting series! I personally can’t wait to read the second part, though I’m not sure I can wait till December. 5 stars.

Disclaimer: I was given this book as an Advanced Reader’s Copy e-book by Netgalley and but it has not influenced how I reviewed this book.