Things have been really crazy lately. I’ve been really busy with work and haven’t had a whole lot of free time. This is especially true last week and this week so far. I hope everyone had a fantastic Father’s Day! My husband, son and I had lunch with my parents to celebrate. My hubby finally decided that he wanted a custom license plate for his gift, so we’re just waiting for the tag to come in before we can do anything. I finally got invitations for my son’s birthday party, but will probably get decorations closer to the day. The party is on July 14 but his birthday is the 15th. I can’t believe my big boy is going to be 2 years old!

I am horrible at remembering things, so I use Google Calendar to keep track of things for me, and it sends me email reminders. Usually I have one event a week but this week, I’ve got three. So feeling a bit overwhelmed. I decided to volunteer for a program at Phoenix Public Library called Talk Time, which is very similar to another program I did for two years in Columbia called Let’s Speak English (LSE), which allows ESL speakers to practice their English in a non-classroom setting. It is supposed to be more comfortable and make the students more at ease with conversing in English. I have several friends who I met through LSE and before when I was in school in Scotland that English is not their first language and I know how difficult it can be to do if you are not confident in your abilities or have been made fun of for the lack of English or many other reasons. I got to sit in on a Talk Time session last week and was surprised and pleased that so many people came. The previous week (which was the first one) only had 6 people, but the second one had 20+. I never had that many with LSE, it had a max of maybe 10 people. As we live in the Phoenix area, there are a lot of Mexican immigrants and this meetup was no exception, but there were also people from Korea, India, Colombia, Panama and Nicaragua as well. The big difference between Talk Time and LSE, aside from the numbers, is what I would be doing with the program. With LSE, I was one of many volunteers who partnered up with one or two internationals and talked in English. With Talk Time, I would be leading the session by myself. I met with the coordinator, who was very excited about my joining the program, especially as I could actually commit to 6+ months. So I am now completing 3 online courses in Adult Education, which I’m trying to finish by tomorrow (maybe more like by Wed or the end of the week, depending on how tired I am). I’m excited about volunteering again and yes, I hope this will add to my library experience so I can eventually get a good job in a system somewhere.

I also have to finish creating an art talk, before Saturday, which I’m making for one of the committees I’m a part of at my church. We have an art exhibition opening for the current exhibit of Ethiopian Orthodox Church art, a bit late, but better late than never. I’m going to give a bit of history on the church and on the icons/art in the exhibition. I’ve honestly never done one of these, so I’m a little nervous about boring people. I’ve discovered that the Ethiopian Orthodox Church is incredibly old and complex, so it makes summarizing fun (not!). However, I am learning a bunch I didn’t know, so that’s always a bonus. I will post the speech/paper after I have given the talk.

I’m also finally getting my car tinted. I would never have thought about doing this prior to living in Arizona, as I think it’s a bit pretentious. However, with having a little one and trying to protect him from the sun as much as I can, it is now essential. Plus it is a dark colored car and we have no garage so it just gets hotter and hotter sitting outside and it will up the value of the car if we ever sell it.