Now that I’m on Netgalley again, I’m going to start posting e-book reviews on here and Goodreads as soon as I can finish them.

Peregrine Harker & The Black Death by Luke Hollands

Peregrine Harker and the Black Death

I got a copy of the e-book from Netgalley to review and I was not paid for my review. The book needs a bit of work, but I rather enjoyed the story once I got past the 1st chapter (which as another reviewer said should be skipped in its entirety – as it is so cornball it almost made me want to stop reading right there). It reminded me of a combination of a young Indiana Jones, though someone else mentioned Tin Tin and I can definitely see that too. I think it is supposed to be in the style of a dime novel or penny dreadful as they call it in the book, and I think it would be much better as an audiobook or mini-series rather than a book. It is definitely a book for young boys, preferably reluctant readers who like a lot of adventure with chases and a minimal amounts of girls/mushy stuff.

Peregrine Harker is a rich kid orphan turned journalist in Edwardian England, circa 1908. His newspaper boss has sent him to investigate tea as the price has jumped significantly of late and soon it will be so high that your average British citizen will not be able to have a cuppa every day like normal. Instead of finding out about tea, Peregrine gets sucked into a secret smuggling ring, strange deaths, harrowing car chases and double-crossing lords. There’s even a damsel in distress or so he thinks. Will Peregrine ever get his story? Will he figure out who is in charge of the smuggling ring? And just who is the Black Death and what is their connection to all of this? To find out, read this exciting book! Recommended for ages 10-15, 4 stars.