I’m sorry for not posting sooner. I’ve been kind of bummed about the whole job search thing, as I got rejected after another interview. I’ve got a very part-time job with the church nursery and for that I am very thankful, but I have yet to get something in my field of public libraries, which is making me very frustrated. I’m considering volunteering again just to have some involvement as it seems like the only way to get my foot in the door at this point. Maybe with a smaller branch as they don’t seem to need my help at the main library. On top of that, I’ve been feeling physically crappy. I keep getting a cold every 3 months or so, thanks to my son who picks it up at the daycare or someplace else. While I’m over it at the moment, the hacking cough and excess phlegm is holding on for dear life. My left foot has been bothering me the last couple of days (no idea why) and I think I might’ve thrown out my back yesterday trying to pick up my dog who refused to be weighed at the vet. She’s currently a hefty nearly 54 pounds. I still love her though. Plus there’s the everyday pandemonium in dealing with a very rambunctious toddler. My son does manage to make me smile even as he’s frustrating me. I swear though, without my husband and son, I feel like I would never get to laugh. The frustration from the job and the fact that I spend most of my time alone with a toddler has made me lonely, I’ll admit this readily. I try to go to lectures and other events by myself or with my mom to get out of the house a bit. Also I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to actually set aside some time when my son is in daycare to have some me time, even if it only spending a few hours reading at the library.

In happier news, I am an auntie again as my brother’s wife has finally given birth to my niece Kyleigh Marie. She was born at 7:48am on Wednesday at 8lbs 7oz. Hopefully I can see her in the near future. Here’s her picture:

Kyleigh is knackered

Happy International Women’s Day! I remember the first time I celebrated it, which was during my study-abroad trip to Italy. I do find it a little odd that unless you live in a major metropolitan city in the US, you probably never heard of this holiday (which is odd as it was started in the US). It celebrates the contribution women have made to society/culture, but also advancements in human rights concerning women . To learn more, check out this article from the Christian Science Monitor. That article also links to another which explains how the holiday is celebrated around the world. On a related women’s note, Happy Mother’s Day (on Sunday) to all the UK moms out there, especially my mother-in-law!