I agree with her, and all that she says is true, esp her first bullet-point after the article.

The Magpie Librarian: A Librarian's Guide to Modern Life and Etiquette

I should really never click on anything library-related in a non-librarian publication, because it’s always written by someone who’s maybe only seen stock photos of libraries and not actually even been in a library since they were nine. CNBC called the job of a librarian as one of the least stressful for 2013, saying:

“You’re working in a comfortable environment. Your job is to help people use services as best as possible. Given that environment, stress levels are low,” Lee said. “What’s the most stressful thing a librarian faces? Teenagers with a paper due and you don’t have the books. It’s not really your stress,” Lee said.

Plus, there are mandatory “quiet” rules in libraries and you’re surrounded by books.

Books don’t talk back or criticize the job you’re doing!

You know, I was gonna bash back all angry-like, and talk about how my jobs isn’t about books, you…

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