I figured I would start the New Year off right by making a short post today, as I am up and almost finished breakfast. I made buckwheat pancakes with fresh blueberries, very yummy. My son, who had never had fresh blueberries before enjoyed them too, as evidence by the blueberries all over his face and hands. This may be the start of a new New Years tradition. Our celebration yesterday was pretty low key. My hubby made an awesome dinner of roast pork, roasted potatoes, carrots and green beans. Then we had a slice of spice cake with some mulled wine. I had never had that kind of wine before and it was pre-made, but I think it would take more awesome from scratch, so I think I’ll try to find a recipe. I managed to finish 2012 having read the most books I’ve ever done, 424 total! Not sure I’ll get near that this year, but as long as I stay over 250, I should be happy. I had a librarian job phone interview last Thursday. The commute is long but the job sounds awesome and its in Youth Services. Plus the people sound really cool. So fingers crossed that I’ll hear good news on that one soon.