So apparently I was awarded the Booker Award, courtesy of Asha Seth, over at this book blog. I must say that it came as a complete shock, but I am very honored to be considered anyone’s favorite book blog (although I do blog about other things like parenting and art, this blog is primarily about my love of books and wanting to share that with others). The blog link above explains more about the award. As a result of winning it, you have to provide answers to several questions, which I’ll do below.

 Top five favorite books (in no particular order):

  1. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts
  2. Heartless by Gail Carriger (book 4 from The Parasol Protectorate series)
  3. The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman (book 3 from the His Dark Materials series)
  4. Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates by Tom Robbins
  5. Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

I would just like to say that the above list was insanely hard to limit down to five, but I think it is a pretty good list.

Most favorite author/writer and why I love them:

  1. Neil Gaiman: The man is a genius. His books are both thought-provoking/think outside the box, masterfully written and hilarious. I like his comics (which I haven’t finished reading yet), novels and kid’s books. My friend Derek introduced him to me and I’ve been hooked for years.  I read him before he won the Newberry and got all mainstream popular. I’m sure I would go all crazy fan-girl if I actually ever got to meet him or get his autograph. 
  2. J.R.R. Tolkien: He’s probably the reason I love fantasy books so much. I read The Hobbit in about 8th grade and even had a dragon necklace I secretly named Smaug (I know that makes me totally nerdy and I’m okay with that). I’m dying to see the new Peter Jackson version of The Hobbit. I read The Lord of the Rings trilogy in college when the first movie in the trilogy came out. I have been obsessed with Tolkien ever since. I’ve tried to read The Silmarillion at least 3 times, but can never get through it. Plus the man was a professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford and friends with C.S. Lewis, whose work I also like. ‘Nuff said.
  3. Ariana Franklin: pen name for British writer Diane Norman, who unfortunately passed away in Jan 2011. She wrote four fabulous historical fiction mystery thrillers, set in the time of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine, that got me hooked on mysteries again.
  4. Jason Goodwin: history/historical fiction mystery writer (yes another Brit); I discovered his Yashim the Eunuch series by accident at my local public library and absolutely fell in love with his first book, The Janissary Tree. I love writers that pay attention to detail, and his novels are full of rich historical detail that only someone who has truly studied Istanbul and its history would know (which he does and wrote a book about it, which is on my to-read list).

I have many more favorite author/writers but don’t want this post to be too ridiculously long.


First edition of The Hobbit, wish I owed one.

TheHobbit -First Edition

Favorite Genres:

  • Fantasy/Sci-fi (esp Steampunk)
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery
  • True Crime
  • Mythology/Folktale/Fairy Tale
  • Biography

Why are books special in my life?

Books have always been an escape for me, which is probably why I read so much fantasy and sci-fi, as they are especially good at letting you travel without leaving your seat.  They are a special part of my me-time now, which is usually in pretty short supply with a toddler to take care of. Going to library to pick up new books is the highlight of my day, and makes me happy, no matter how crappy the rest of my day may have gone. I learned early how to read and I’ve loved it ever since. Part of the reason I’m trained to be a librarian is that I love to be able to share that with others, especially children.

Other book blogs that I think should get this award:

Sadly I really don’t read a whole lot of other book blogs. Most of the ones I follow are either food, librarians or parenting blogs or any combo thereof. So I apologize for this part of the post. Anyone have any recommendations of a book blog that should get it?