I have had a couple of library interviews, including one for a professional Youth Services position, but they wanted something very specific that I wasn’t able to offer them. So I am a bit disheartened by my job search. I’m stressed out, worrying about money as usual, and recovering from the crappy cold/sinus infection that won’t leave and seems to get worse when I lie down, so I’ve not been doing so hot. I do however have two job possibilities in the works. One is a Recreation Specialist/Museum Attendant part time and the other is a Nursery Director at my parent’s church. I’m not sure of my chances for the first, as they seem to hire a lot of retired folks, but I do have Parks & Recreation experience as I worked at a rec center for nearly 2 1/2 years, plus I’ve loads of museum experience. So your guess is as good as mine on that one. The other job I’ve not really trained for, but I do have a lot of experience working with children (less with 0 – 4 yrs, except for babysitting and my own experiences with my son) and being brought up in the Episcopal Church does help in this instance. Plus I get to get to read to young children, and I love reading aloud and doing all the voices. I’m still in the process of finalizing everything, so might be a couple weeks before I start.

I try to keep up with the children and young adult book reading in attempt to at least be somewhat up-to-date with my profession, plus I just enjoy reading, especially sharing it with my son. He’s not quite gotten the handle of taking care of books without ripping them, but we’re working on that. I also have a library programming and bulletin boards/book display boards on Pinterest. I’ve been thinking about volunteering some as I want to give back and feel like I’m actually doing something and helping people. That is part of the reason why I decided to go into library work. All of my jobs, ever since I was 16, has been about helping people. It is often a thankless job, but I know what I am doing is something good. Which is why, when I do get thanked, I just light up. For example, once in my last library job as a shelver, I was shelving some easy readers and had stood up to see what else I needed to file. A little girl, about 4 yrs old just comes up to me and hugs my legs/tummy, as that was as far up as she could reach. Her parents were horrified, but I just laughed it off and thought it was sweet. “It’s alright. At least she wasn’t hitting me,” I told them. When I was doing my internship during graduate school in youth services in a public library, I decided that since I had more experience with 5 – 12 year olds, I was going to try to focus on teens, as I did not have experience with that age group. So I got to know some of the tweens/teen boys that frequented the events, as this group can sometimes be ignored by teachers/librarians. I tried to find books they would like and talk to them about things they were interested in, like this one 14 year old boy who was standing by himself during one of the teen craft projects. I could tell he was a little nerdy and shy, so I asked him if he was interested in any sports and he said he liked soccer. So I asked him about the World Cup, that was going on at the time, and we had a conversation about the different teams he and I liked (my hubby being a huge soccer fan and got me into it as well). It’s funny because today at my interview for the Rec Specialist job, they asked me what I thought customer service was and I simply said: “Helping people, whether that is listening to them or  giving directions.”