I figured I ought to comment on this, since I still know so many people in the area and it made me a bit mad. So the state government of Georgia has decided to close the Georgia State Archives to the public as of Nov 1, 2012. They are still allowing people to come by appointment, but even that will be limited. And I have no idea if they have an online database of their collection either. I think this closure is a huge injustice for everyone, whether you are just fascinated with history or want to research your genealogy. Having worked in the South Carolina State Archives, I know how much of a budget issue they have there and how they’ve stripped the staff so much that there is hardly anyone working there. While I don’t condone Georgia’s behavior, I feel like it will only set a precedence for other states having budget crises’ to do the same thing (which let’s be honest is pretty much all US states these days). To learn more about this issue, check out this article on The Unquiet LibrarianThere is also a petition going to the governor to open the Archives back up to the public. I’ve already signed it, as I think it is the right thing to do. There’s also this Facebook page created by the lady who started the petition.