Lately I have been checking out books that have to do with the Anti-Inflammation Diet, which is supposed to help people who have diabetes, arthritis/joint issues, obesity, cancer, and other diseases. Basically it says that you need to be eating way more fruits and veggies, more whole-grains, more beans/legumes, less sugar and more healthy sweeteners (like honey, maple syrup, agave nectar) and not artificial ones. They also want you to eat lean meats (chicken and turkey), preferably farm-raised fish with omega-3’s, and drink plenty of water. I’m being realistic about this and I know I can’t get the 5-9 servings of veggies per day or eat as much lean meat as I like, as my hubby is a definite meat eater and we eat beef because it is cheaper and frankly I’m not a great fan of chicken. But I am trying to do my part and eat a little healthier. So I’ve incorporated whole wheat flour into recipes, like I made this Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bread into muffins today, and I’ve also tried this muffin recipe as well (I had to tweak them a bit based on what I had in my pantry). I’m trying to integrate as many fruits and veggies into my meals as possible. The sweetener part is the hardest because natural sweeteners are usually expensive, and we’re very broke right now. The bonus to my quest to eat healthier is that the baby will also eat healthier, as I don’t want him to get addicted to junk food early. It’s like two weeks ago, when my my family was at the grocery store and I wanted to buy some orange juice, but I refuse to pay $3.50 – $5 for a gallon of juice! My husband said, “Sunny D is cheaper,” to which I said “Yes but it isn’t real juice. It’s high fructose corn syrup.” I figure if I don’t want my child to eat it, I’m not gonna eat it either.

I found this cool Mommy blog today while browsing the blog I got the Pumpkin Bread recipe. It is called Musings of an Imperfect Momwhich I think is a great title. I decided to subscribe to her posts after checking out the whole website. She has been doing the blog since the end of June 2012, so it is brand new. She did a great post on the Pressures to be a Perfect Mom, something I know all mom’s out there go through (I know I did and still do). Everyone has so many opinions on what they think the best way to raise a child is, but in the end, you are the mother and it is up to you to make decisions and trust your instincts to know what to do. She also did a great post on Consignment Sales, which I want to get more into as I’ve tried the stores, but I’ve heard these are better. She gives tips for those parents/caregivers who have never gone to one before, and even gives this great link to Consignment Mommies, where you can look up sales in your area. The big MOM (Moms of Multiples) Sale is coming up in Sept so I’ll have to try to check that one out for sure.