Usually I don’t leave so many days betweens postings, but it has been pretty busy around here the last couple of days. Wednesdays are usually busy for me, as that day is our staff meeting in the morning and then I usually have projects in the afternoon. Yesterday we also had a farewell party for my friend Theresa, where we went bowling and had pizza and wings. It was fun, though it has been forever since the last time I bowled. My first game was good and I got a score of 92, the second was crappy with 64 (though I did get a strike).

My desktop computer has also been on the fritz at home, so that’s part of the reason I couldn’t post anything. The automatic updater kept trying to upload Service Pack 2 for Vista, but I wasn’t sure about downloading it because of all the problems my husband had with his computer. He however said to go ahead and install it. So I did, and it proceeded to crash my computer and then it kept recycling this error message screen but never resorting back to the previous version of Vista (by the way, I hate Vista). The only way to fix it was to put the Windows CD in, but then we found out that my disk drive also wasn’t working, and I only have one, so my hubby had to insert one of his extra ones to fix it yesterday. When I tried it this morning, it only worked in safe mode and said I had no space on my C drive, though I’m pretty sure there was room there before. I’m not sure what is going on, so I will have to ask my hubby if he can look at it again.

The one thing I have been working on the last few days is the About Me section of this blog entitled Who is LibraryMom?, so ya’ll can go ahead and check that out now that I’ve finished.

The baby has been extra fussy the past couple of weeks as he has finally started teething, and currently has two teeth coming in the bottom center of his mouth. So if anyone has any suggestions on how to help a teething baby, I welcome the advice. I’ve been told about the a cold/frozen washcloth for him to chew on and his pediatrician told us that pineapple juice helps.