I had an interview yesterday with my local public library for a part-time Library Assistant position at one of five branches. I think it would be a cool position because it involves doing a little bit of everything, such as circulation, teaching basic computer classes, general reference, as well as helping out with children and teen programs. I believe the interview went well and I’m hoping for a positive response within the next two weeks.

I receive a weekly newsletter called @ Your Library: A Campaign for America’s Libraries  from the ALA, and it had a couple of good articles that I wanted to share. Since the Hunger Games came out today (yay!) and I loved the series, I thought I would share this article about what libraries around the country are doing for teens in response to the movie and promoting the books, and even a library in Pima County, Arizona is getting in on the action. I did something similar to this for a teen program I had to plan for my Young Adult Materials class in Graduate School.

The ALSC has released their list of the 2012 Notable Children’s Recordings, aka audiobooks. As the website says, these audiobooks are “for children 14 years of age and younger of especially commendable quality that demonstrate respect for young people’s intelligence and imagination; exhibit venturesome creativity; and reflect and encourage the interests of children and young adolescents in exemplary ways.” Now I know a lot of people don’t like audiobooks because they think they are boring, but sometime if you have a reluctant reader, they will use audiobooks instead of actual books. It eases them into reading. I personally like them because a lot of times I won’t read a book or just couldn’t get into one, but by listening to it on audiobook, I had a much easier time with it (latest example being Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert).

Now I hadn’t heard of most of the one on the Notable list, but I was excited to hear about Jack Gantos’s Newberry award-winning book Dead End in Norvelt was being read by the author (who I think does a fantastic job on his audio versions) and that The Incorriglible Children of Ashton Place, Book 2: The Hidden Gallery was being performed by my favorite voice actress Katherine Kellgren (of Bloody Jack fame – she does an absolutely brilliant job on that series – for me she is Jacky Faber). I have not read the first book, but would like to, so I could listen to this book.

On a totally random side note, I was browsing through the Teen section on the website for @ Your Library and they mentioned the READ poster that Daniel Radcliffe had recently done, which I had seen before. Whilst looking for that image at the ALA online store, I came across this one (see below) of Ewan McGregor and thought “You know, if Ewan told me to read, I definitely would; though let’s be honest, I would do pretty much anything he asked me to do.” Yay for Scottish guys!