I have applied for Food Stamps, Medical Assistance, and Childcare Assistance with DES, Arizona’s answer to the Dept of Health and Human Services. I have been working with them pretty much since we moved, as that was how I was able to afford the birth of my son and all his and my appointments. We ended up getting on Food Stamps after he was born because it took awhile for us to find jobs here in Arizona and it helped my parents out, as they were helping to support us. After we moved, I had changed our address and added some more information about bills into their website and because of our income, we are about $100 over the state limit for a 3 person household so they won’t give us Food Stamps or Childcare Assistance. The Childcare especially sucks as it costs $230 a week for daycare and we just can’t afford that. The other incredibly annoying thing is that I submitted my application on the 5th of March and didn’t hear back from them for two weeks, so I went down there yesterday only to be told that they had first lost my application and then that I had been denied on the 5th, but they only gave me the letter yesterday. Aaaaarrrrgh! Needless to say, yesterday I was pretty pissed off. The only good thing is that my son and I are still covered with Medical Assistance. Man, I am really hoping my job turns full time soon so I can get some medical benefits! I am planning on applying for WIC (Women, Infants and Children) to get some help with food/nutrition, as I’m pretty sure I can get that.